Short Films


Another Shot 

Years after the start of his transition, Logan, a transgender man reunites with his ex-girlfriend to see if their relationship is worth another shot.

Produced by Crixell Matthews

Casting by Crixell Matthews
Edit by Crixell Matthews

10-59 - A 48hr Film Fest Short

Two friends get into more trouble than they are ready for when they decide to check out a crime they heard about on a police scanner.

Edit by Crixell Matthews

10-59 48hr Film Fest

Music Video

Blue Ribbon   Respa Raider Music Video
League of Space Pirates -  Search and Destroy

Respa Raider - Blue Ribbon

Official music video for Blue Ribbon's Respa Raider. 

Directed and Edited by Crixell Matthews

Music by Blue Ribbon

Search and Destroy - League of Space Pirates

Music video edit for League of Space Pirate's live performance of Search and Destroy. Recorded at In Your Ears Studios for Shockoe Sessions.

Edit and Directed by Crixell Matthews


News | Editorial

Floyd Family in Richmond, Virginia for George Floyd Hologram Unveiling
Makeda McCreary - Member of Orbital Music Park

Floyd Family in Richmond, Virginia

In the one-time capital of the Confederacy, a hologram of George Floyd - who was killed by a Minnesota police officer - was unveiled.

Produced and Edited by Crixell Matthews

Makeda McCreary - Orbital Music Park

Makeda McCreary tells us about how she uses Orbital Music Park in Richmond Virginia as she prepares for her first live show.